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Top 20 Hidden iOS 7 Features That You Likely Don’t Know About

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With hundreds of new features to boot, iOS 7 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is a gold mine waiting to be explored to its full potential. Today, we’re going to go through some of the most lesser known features and tips which we believe you should try right now.
All set? Let’s begin.
1. Use Safari To See Tweets With Links / URLs
iOS Screenshot 20130921-043944 01
Want to quickly see all the tweets in your timeline with URLs / links in them? Simply launch Safari, press the bookmarks button – the one that looks like an open book, obviously – then press the @ button on top. Boom! All the tweets with links in one place. You should be signed in to your Twitter account in Settings > Twitter in order for this feature to work.
2. Turn Parallax On / Off
iOS Screenshot 20130920-015331 02
Don’t like the new iOS 7 Parallax effect on wallpapers – or 3D wallpapers as we would like to call them? Fear that it might be draining your battery? Simply turn it off. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion and turn it on or off according to your liking.
3. Enable Motion Sensing Controls
iOS Screenshot 20130920-015339 03
iOS 7 lets you launch Siri or press the Home button by simply tilting your head, or pull down Notification Center by tilting your head to the left. Sounds epic? Indeed it does. Head over toSettings > General > Accessibility > Switch Control to turn it on. Now go to Switches and set up switches to perform different actions.
4. Enable / Disable Bold Text or Change Font Size System-wide
iOS Screenshot 20130920-015355 05
Don’t like iOS 7’s new thin font size? Bold it up! Head over to Settings > General > Accessibility > and enable Bold Text. Changing the system wide font size is as easy as pie, too. Head over to Settings > General > Text Size and adjust the font size to your liking.
5. See Your Frequently Visited Places On A Map
iOS Screenshot 20130920-015438 09
This feature lets you see on a map which places you have been visiting. Might be concerning for some, but here’s how you can find out: go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services > Frequent Locations. I would suggest keeping this one off for obvious reasons.
6. Block Callers and Unwanted Messages
iOS Screenshot 20130920-015521 13
This feature is a gem to use. Open the contact which might be bugging you, scroll all the way down in contact details and tap Block this Caller. That’s it. The contact will never be able to bug you again. If you want to manage blocked messages, then head over to Settings > Messages > Blocked. This also applies to FaceTime and iMessages.
7. Show Timestamps In Messages App
iOS Screenshot 20130920-015501 11
Open a conversation thread, and swipe from right to left while holding your finger down on the screen. You will see the timestamps of all your sent and received messages.
8. Use Siri To Enable / Disable System Toggles
iOS Screenshot 20130920-015445 10
Siri shed its beta tag along with the release of iOS 7, and can do a lot more than just telling you the weather, calling a certain contact, settings reminders etc. Press and hold the Home button to launch Siri and say – for example – ‘Turn Wi-Fi on’ and Siri will turn on Wi-Fi for you. Same works for Bluetooth and other system toggles.
9. Use Swipe Gesture To Go Back One Screen
iOS Screenshot 20130921-044643 04
In iOS 7, you can simply use swipe gestures to go back a screen, rather than pressing that pesky back button on the display. In Messages for instance, if you’re in a thread, simply swipe from the left corner towards the right and you’ll be taken to the main Messages window. This works pretty much throughout iOS 7, like Mail, Settings, Contacts etc.
10. Take Square Photos Using Camera App
iOS Screenshot 20130920-015559 16
Regular photos aren’t cutting the mustard for you? The native Camera app in iOS 7 now lets you take square photos. Launch the Camera app, and swipe to the right to take photos in square proportions. You can use the same swiping gesture to go through Panorama and Videomodes.
11. Update App Content In The Background
iOS Screenshot 20130920-015621 17
Use an app frequently but don’t like to refresh every time you launch it? iOS 7 has you covered. Go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and enable all the apps you wish to update themselves in the background. Note: this feature really takes a toll on battery, therefore select the apps which are most relevant for you to be updated.
12. Use Panorama Photos As Lock Screen Wallpaper For Added Effect
iOS Screenshot 20130920-015710 22
Use a panorama photo as your lock screen wallpaper which you’ve taken with your device’s camera for a cool spinning effect. Enable Parallax mode for this one which we’ve outlined in feature # 2.
13. Bubble Level In Compass App
iOS Screenshot 20130920-015632 18
The native Compass app in iOS 7 is more than a direction telling companion. Swipe to the right after calibrating the compass to reveal a new screen that lets you access and use a bubble level.
14. Use Siri For Updates From Redmond Pie
iOS Screenshot 20130920-015542 15
Yes, you read that right. Siri can show you the latest updates from our Redmond Pie feed on Twitter. Launch Siri by holding down the Home button and say ‘What is Redmond Pie saying’. And voila, all our latest updates in one place. Neat right? Give this one a shot, it’s our personal favorite.
15. Enable / Disable Control Center In Lock Screen Or Apps
iOS Screenshot 20130920-015638 19
Don’t want anyone else, or yourself mistakenly launching Control Center on the lock screen or running apps? Why not disable it? Go to Settings > Control Center and enable or disable access to Control Center on the lock screen or apps.
16. Turn Automatic App Updates On / Off
iOS Screenshot 20130920-015646 20
iOS 7 updates your apps in the background, saving you time and the cumbersome process of launching the App Store and performing manual updates. You can turn automatic app updates on / off by heading over to Settings > iTunes & App Store and turn on / off Updates in theAutomatic Downloads section.
17. Unlimited Apps In Folders
iOS Screenshot 20130920-015656 21
Folders in iOS 7 are like a black hole. You keep on throwing apps inside them and there’s no limit on how many apps you can have inside one.
18. Enable / Disable Advertising Tracking
iOS Screenshot 20130920-015431 08
Don’t want your iOS device to be tracked for specific ads? Head over to Settings > Privacy > Advertising and disable Limit Ad Tracking. We’ve heard reports occasionally that this feature also saves battery life by a fraction.
19. View All Received Media In Messages App In One Place
iOS Screenshot 20130921-045438 01
Received a bunch of photos or videos from someone in Messages app but lost it in a mile long thread? iOS 7 now lets you view your media all in one place. Simply tap open the last received photo / video, and press the list view (the one with three dashes, as shown in the screenshot) button.
20. Dynamic Wallpapers
iOS Screenshot 20130920-015529 14
iOS 7 supports dynamic wallpapers, in short: animated wallpapers. Go to Settings > Wallpapers & Brightness > Choose Wallpaper > Dynamic, and there you’ll see a bunch of animated wallpapers which respond to your device’s movement.


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Nintendo 2DS launching October 12

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Nintendo today announced an all-new piece of hardware: the Nintendo 2DS. The entry-level handheld will launch on October 12 alongside Pokemon X and Y for $130.

The 3DS currently retails for $170.The Nintendo 2DS will play all Nintendo 3DS games and is backwards compatible with Nintendo DS titles. It will be available in two versions: black with blue trim and black with red trim.The form factor of the Nintendo 2DS is completely different than the 3DS. The new model is not hinged. And though it features two screens (of identical size to the 3DS), it bears a more tablet, slate style.The Nintendo 2DS features two cameras with which users can snap photos or record video. Users can't play back this content in 3D on their systems, but can insert their SD card into a 3DS to view their content in 3D.Just because Nintendo is releasing a non-3D handheld, it does not mean the company is distancing itself from 3D altogether, as the 3DS will remain on sale. Instead, the 2DS is aimed at attracting more consumers overall through its lower price point, according to Nintendo marketing executive Scott Moffitt."It doesn't mean that we are not committed at all to 3D and that we don't think that's a really valuable, unique eye-popping feature for a lot of gamers," Moffitt told GameSpot. "We just wanted to continue growing the installed base and needed to find a way to get to a price point that was more accessible for a broad swath of consumers.""As we surveyed the marketplace, it seemed to us that there was an opportunity for something at that lower, entry level price point," he added.Nintendo will also release a carrying sleeve for the 2DS.


GTA V soundtrack to feature 240 licensed songs,15 radio stations

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Grand Theft Auto V soundtrack will include 240 tracks; artists include Camilo Lara, DJ Pooh, Kenny Loggins, and Tangerine Dream.

Rockstar has revealed details for Grand Theft Auto V's eclectic in-game soundtrack.Unveiled through Rolling Stone (featuring audio samplers), the game will reportedly feature 240 licensed songs, a total of 15 music radio stations, two dedicated talk radio channels, and "somewhere in the proximity of 20 movies' worth of score". Collaborating artists and presenters include Camilo Lara, DJ Pooh, Jesco White, Pam Grier, Bootsy Collins, Kenny Loggins, Flying Lotus, Alchemist, and Oh No.
"For this game, which is set in our version of modern-day Los Angeles, what was important for us was to capture that feeling of LA and California," Rockstar soundtrack supervisor Ivan Pavlovich told the publication. "We approached the radio stations as the musical soundscape [you experience] as you fly into LA. One of the things we've never done in a GTA game before is a pop station; exploring that made so much sense in the context of LA."
Grand Theft Auto V also marks the first game in the series to introduce its own original score. Created with German electronic group Tangerine Dream in conjunction with Red Dead Redemption score creator and L.A. Noire soundtrack artist Woody Jackson, game audio will differ based on player actions.
"The score plays during missions and the open-world gameplay, and during online play," Pavlovich said. "It's completely dynamic, and engineered very similar to what we've done in the past with our interactive stem system--it responds to what you're doing with your character."
Grand Theft Auto V launches worldwide on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on September 17. Rockstar has promised an "official trailer" for the game on Thursday, August 29.


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